Your Strategist

At the greatest point of change in your business, Geneva Partners is there for you.

We assist you in the strategy and provide a full project management service to your business, when it’s time to raise capital or list on the ASX/NSX.

We manage the process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your key responsibilities of managing the company.


We provide you corporate and strategic advice as to how to best structure your existing or new business.

Assisting you to source funds from an established network of brokers and advisors Australia wide, and being there with you when it’s time for investor & broker road shows.

We coordinate the formal process, all documentation and liaise with other experts. We also prepare capital raising disclosure documentation, for example the prospectus, offer documents, information memorandums, and the coordination of the due diligence process, committee meetings and all associated documentation.


At Geneva Partners, we go the extra mile by reviewing your financial systems, implementation of appropriate governance systems to ensure you are fully compliant with the regulatory framework and get your financial reporting framework in order to provide timely and effective financial reporting.

We can improve the reporting framework and quality of timely financial information that you need to run the business.

We can build business valuation models, investor information memorandums, consolidation of financial accounts, and preparation of forecast cash flow models.


When it comes to listing, we remove the headache by being your representative with the ASX/NSX, share registry and legal counsel on all matters concerning the Company’s application to list. Geneva is your project manager from the beginning to the end.

We advise you on the appropriate capital structures taking into account your founder and seed shareholders requirements. 

We represent you on the due diligence committee and will provide regular progress reports for the Board. Geneva can also prepare the pro-forma financial reports for the Investigating Accountant in the preparation of their report for the prospectus.


Geneva can assist you in sourcing opportunities to strengthen your business and provide you an outsourced professional team to complete the due diligence process and project manage the transaction with legal counsel.


There are many on-going responsibilities that an ASX listed entity must satisfy, Geneva can ensure that you are fully covered.

Geneva can assist with investor relations services, from broker liaison and roadshows to managing shareholders matters concerning their holdings in the Company.

Finally, we also help you with on-going capital raising and assistance in funding, structure and finance.

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Our Service Experience
Starts at 5 stars


Geneva Partners is 100% committed to achieving client service excellence and to your success. We will always act as your trusted financial advocate by providing timely advice and the right support during challenging times. We treat each client uniquely with bespoke services and seamless execution that makes it easier for you to focus on your business in times of change.