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We’re your partner for professional Company Secretarial services and your On-Demand Company Secretary with immediate access to top-level professional. Geneva provides complete access to a highly qualified Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional, fully versed in the latest requirements of Corporate Governance Best Practice. Services are available On-Demand 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we are always there when you need us.

There are many on-going responsibilities of an ASX listed company, so Geneva can make sure that you are fully covered. Geneva has extensive experience in supplying Board representation and Company Secretary appointments for numerous companies, both in Australia and overseas.

We understand as your company grows, the obligations for company secretarial work becomes complex and time-consuming. When Geneva Partners supports your business you can be free to concentrate on your core business, secure in the knowledge that you are compliant.


The drafting, implementation and monitoring of gold standard corporate governance practices in accordance with the guidelines as laid down by ASIC & ASX. Geneva can Investor ready your business with the right structure in the lead-up to an ASX or NSX Listing.

Professional Advice Anytime Anywhere
Advice to directors and officers in relation to the requirements of the Australian regulatory framework.

Reporting & Lodgments

ASIC Lodgements
We attend to all your ASIC requirements including the lodgement of ASIC forms, adherence to timetables and to all matters of the law in accordance with the Corporations Act.

ASX Lodgements, Reporting Requirements and Queries
The Company Secretary is the Company’s primary contact person with ASX, and acts at the direction of your Board in line with ASX Listing Rule and the Corporations Act requirements. This includes preparation and finalisation of all ASX announcements and ASX prescribed appendixes through to the lodgement on the ASX Announcements Platform. We or the Company Secretary can liaise with ASX and any ASX query and works closely with them until agreed disclosures have been satisfied.

Annual & Half Year Reporting
The Company Secretary will collaborate with the CFO in the preparation of annual and half year financial reports. If you or the Company has no CFO in place, Geneva can provide core CFO services or can just offer the compilation of the Annual and half-year reports. We liaise with your auditors and take full ownership of the reporting process from start to finish. Geneva can work with you to tailor-make a solution to your needs.

Appendix 4C or 5B Quarterly Cashflow Report
We also compile a quarterly cashflow report in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and ASX Listing rules.

Meetings & investor Relations

Board Meetings
We take care of the preparation of Board papers and minutes. We attend your Board meetings as required in the capacity of Company Secretary, so you can be assured that all meetings will comply with the ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act 2001.

Shareholder Meetings
Never worry about your Shareholder meetings, Geneva will manage the process seamlessly. We produce Shareholder notices of meeting; proxy forms & facilitate the mailout notices. We also liaise with your company’s lawyers on any matters that need to be included in the notice of the meeting. We act as the liaison point for Shareholder queries on the meeting and finally, we also cover attendance registers, poll voting procedures, chairman’s agenda notes. Be assured Shareholder meetings will comply with the ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

Investor Relations
The Company Secretary is the key liaison and contact with shareholders and brokers including receiving and answering telephone enquiries and queries in regards to security holdings. Point of contact for broking houses and can assist in the preparation of investor roadshow materials when needed.

Geneva has key relationships with share registries and are on call to assist shareholders with their security holding queries. Geneva is also involved with the management of all security issues, from dealing with the broker to investor through to the allotment process and managing all ASX & ASIC compliance requirements.

Registered Office
Geneva can be the registered office address for both Australian and foreign companies registered in Australia

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Geneva Partners is 100% committed to achieving client service excellence and to your success. We will always act as your trusted financial advocate by providing timely advice and the right support during challenging times. We treat each client uniquely with bespoke services and seamless execution that makes it easier for you to focus on your business in times of change.